WeChat ecology, Connecting customers, Increase repurchase, oral spreading


From initial sales to bestsellers

SHALLPAY® is simple, efficient, and helps you succeed in business

Social e-commerce

Building a layer on the WeChat system


Data feedback,Precise content

User portrait

Help you understand your customers

Promote sales

Accurate statistical transaction process

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SHALLPAY® helps you create a business miracle in the WeChat ecosystem

Wechat Official Account, Mini Program, website, APP. Comprehensive social e-commerce, Twelve groups of functional matrices, Support lean operation. 

Deploy online transactions and enter WeChat ecosystem

  • Establish brand identity, brand concept, brand story.
  • Open SHALLPAY operation backstage, SCRM, customer retention.
  • Docking Wechat Official Account, Mini Program.
  • Establish a corporate website and let customers search your brand.
  • Have your own brand APP. Construct your own circle.

Fully release sales potential

  • Establish sales incentives to give WeChat users a sales opportunity.
  • Analyze communication characteristics, gain insight into customer preferences, precise selection and operational direction.
  • Establish a customer reward mechanism, screen KOL among customers, collect brand feedback.

Realizing word-of-mouth communication in the Wechat moments

  • Filter data, create accurate content, and deliver brand concepts.
  • Delivery, logistics, payment, customer service, comprehensive optimization service.
  • Deeply operate customer base, finely level the circle.

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Operational service

Is it difficult to build an online operations team? SHALLPAY Professional team will help you get started quickly.

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